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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Thoughts on a Lazy Sunday Morning

Life has finally started to pull itself into something that can resemble normalcy, something organized and even routine. It’s about friggin’ time. And you know what comes with routine, folks? Oh that’s right, Kathryn starts to post again! I can hear the collective cheers of my readership now…

Where was I? Oh yes…routine, normalcy, leaving the chaos behind. This should not be mistaken for dull, boring and predictable, it’s nothing of the sort. I’ve been looking forward to a bit of routine since moving in December. It’s nice to distinguish between the work week and the weekend. For about a month there, I was living in one continuous weekend. As lovely as that sounds, it’s not all that great. The weekends are wonderful because you don’t get to experience them everyday; they’re the mini-vacation at the end of the week. Sure, sure I was on vacation for a good long time, and shouldn't and won't complain about it, but I was ready to feel productive again.

Work continues to be one big learning experience. Thankfully it’s not such a huge source of stress anymore. I’m actually enjoying my weekends and I better understand what needs to be done and how I can go about doing that. I still have a lot to learn and the amount of work this job requires is still a little overwhelming, but at least now it seems like something I can do. Hurray!

Trout and I have joined a gym. Oh that’s right, you heard me correctly. We’re actually paying to go and workout somewhere. At the very least, we figured spending money on something would be a good motivator to get our money’s worth out of the experience. It feels great to be active again. It’s a gruesome reminder how out of shape I am, but hopefully that’s going to change. It also helps I won two free training session with gym’s owners at the gym’s open house. Trout and I can get in shape and actually know what we’re doing in the process.

Falling into a comfortable routine might not make for the most interesting posts, but sooner or later interesting insights on life in the 54oo or otehr various things will come out. It’ll happen, just give it time. Stay tuned.


Blogger ...Abbey... said...

Hey You! Glad to see your post, and glad to see we're both back into routine! I'm sorry I haven't called to be a good sister and find out how things are... i've just been self-absorbed with Dan's situation...which is still yet to be resolved. Congrats on the job again, and we'll talk soon! Love you! ~abs

10:53 AM

Blogger Kathryn said...

Hey Chica!

No worries, I've been pretty out of touch too. I totally understand about being absorbed in other things. I wil be spending today catching up on emails I should have written weeks ago!

8:14 AM


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